Here’s what you need to know about Podcasting

Podcasting in Aotearoa is a growing industry. WeAreTENZING got four of our podcast experts together to discuss how to create, grow and market Podcasts. Brodie Kane, Dani Fennessy, Bel Crawford and Raniera Rewiri had a beautiful kōrero about all things podcasts. Everything from the technical side of how they create their podcasts to how to navigate sponsorships and brand partnerships. They talked about the relationship that they have with their audiences and how they market their podcasts in Aotearoa.

Leveraging influencer marketing to reach the female consumer

Women control over $31.8 trillion in worldwide spending, making them a crucial customer demographic for brands to be connecting with. The exponentially growing influencer marketing industry provides the perfect channel for brands to connect with female consumers authentically. Find out why incorporating influencers in your marketing strategy is the key to helping your brand reach the crucial female consumer.

Our TikTok Talent

WeAreTENZING Our TikTok Talent Wanting to incorporate TikTok influencers into your marketing strategy? The first step is you must find an authentic TikTok creator to align with. At WeAreTENZING we represent an extensive group of NZ’s most purposeful TikToker’s. Click the images below to find out more about each creator!   How to DAD Parenting…

TikTok Tips Influencer Marketing

5 tips for running a successful TikTok influencer marketing campaign

After the sudden surge in downloads during the 2020 lockdown and the infiltration of TikTok trends into other social media apps (and even everyday lingo!), the addictive short-form video app is officially here to stay. With over 700,000 New Zealanders downloading TikTok in 2021 and over 60,000 downloads in January 2022 alone, TikTok opens up a significant new consumer audience for brands to reach and engage with. Find out our top 5 tips to make the most of this platform and run a successful Influencer Marketing Campaign.

Social and Influencer Content Trends for 2021

Wearetenzing Key Social Media & Influencer Marketing Trends for 2021 By Courtney Ramsdale – Content Integration Strategist It goes without saying that 2020 was a disruptive year, with businesses needing to learn to adapt to survive as COVID-19 changed consumption habits, technology and platforms evolved and we saw a huge shift in traditional brand marketing…

The Importance of Choosing Local Influencers

Wearetenzing The Importance of Choosing Local Influencers. By Courtney Ramsdale – Content Integration Strategist Many global brands are looking to streamline processes by basing their marketing teams for both Australia and New Zealand out of Australia. With both countries sharing a number of cultural similarities, It’s easy to think that a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing…