Jess Quinn

Fitness advocate, Cancer survivor, inspirational speaker

Social Media Following

instagramInstagram:  180,000 followers

TikTok: 19,200 follows

Facebook: 8,000 follows

Youtube: 1,800 subscribers

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Jess Quinn is inspirational content creator whose message around changing the way we see beautiful has struck a chord around the world. Since losing her right leg to cancer at the age of 9, Jess has refused to let that stand in her way of living life to its fullest with a core passion for helping others overcome their physical and mental setbacks along the way.

In addition to her passion for health and wellbeing and her focus on helping others overcome adversity Jess has completed a honours degree in Design from AUT and focussed on product design creating a series of 3D printed prosthetic limbs.

As one of New Zealand’s most engaged influencers on social media, Jess connects with tens of thousands of people each day to help inspire their own journey.

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