Jimi Hunt

Mental health change maker, founder of ‘Live More Awesome’, creator of the worlds biggest waterslide, author and motivational speaker

Social Media Following

instagramInstagram: 11,000 followers

Youtube: 11,000 subscribers

Facebook: 3,100 follows

You may know Jimi Hunt as the legend who founded Live More Awesome, swam the length of the Waikato river on a Lilo and built the World’s Biggest Waterslide, but Jimi is much more than that.

Jimi is deeply passionate about inspiring everyone to improve their mental health. Through his highly motivational and informative speaking engagements, Jimi looks to inspire people to take control of their own mental health. His speeches are extremely engaging and brutally honest.

“Jimi was so good that he made people at our event cry in the toilet afterwards. What I’m saying is, he has the power to genuinely move people with his stories, anecdotes, and perspective on not just mental health, but life”.

In addition to this Jimi is an accomplished author and constant thrill seeker.

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