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Brett and Bianca began building their blog in 2016 after almost 2 years of travelling throughout Europe. Unsure of how they would be received in the cluttered world of ‘travel-blogging’ they quickly made their mark. In little over 6 months, they had grown to over 10,000 Instagram followers and had over 60,000 page visits.


Features in New Zealand’s news website then lead to more press over sea’s in Australia and UK’s Dailymail website and the popular MTV. Along with various other websites throughout the world piggybacking their story further.


The whirlwind continued as they wrote about their travels throughout Central and South America, with local and international magazines wanting interviews for features.

They believe their blend of inspiring content along with truthful guides provides their readers with the perfect planning platform for their upcoming trips.

Kiwis Off Course have now settled down in New Zealand where they wish to keep the adventure alive and share their story of the next chapter in their lives.

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