Richie Hardcore

Muay Thai, boxing and personal trainer, radio host and advocate for social change.

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If asked for his life motto, Richie Hardcore would be likely to point you towards one of the many tattoos on his arm: “PMA till I’m DOA”. It’s the title of a hardcore song, but the idea behind the acronym, Positive Mental Attitude, is the approach that Richie uses to tackle all aspects of his life, and hopes to instil the same attitude in people he comes across on a daily basis.

While no stranger to heartache and hurt, Richie believes with the right support and attitude, that a positive life is possible through any hardship. With a loyal and growing social media presence, Richie uses this platform to actively promote awareness and activism and engage in topical conversation, which he does with boundless energy and a killer smile.

For Richie and countless others around the world, fight sports provide a healthy outlet for the hardship and frustrations that life hands us. As such, Richie’s fighting career spans more than 20 years from martial arts tournaments to Muay Thai titles. Now he’s hung up the gloves, he fights for social change rather than titles and trophies.

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