Sara Quilter

Sara Quilter is the Founder and CEO of natural skincare brand ‘Tailor Skincare.’ Starting out with clay and a mixer in her fathers garage, she is now uplifting and empowering young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams.

Social Media Following

instagramInstagram: @sara_lhani_que: 10,100 followers

Instagram: @tailorskincare: 34,000 followers

Facebook:1,100 follows

The founder of natural skincare brand ‘Tailor Skincare’, Sara Quilter has built a following on both her professional and personal accounts . Sara’s posts inspire up and coming entrepreneurs as well as those passionate about health and well-being.


An avid yogi, Sara showcases her “real-girl” lifestyle and offers advice as she navigates the waters of being a dog-mom and beauty advocate while running her own business.

Sara is passionate about building sustainable partnerships that align with her values related to women empowerment, business and health and well-being.

For all commercial enquiries contact [email protected]