WeAreTENZING Financial wraps a suite of fully integrated, personalized, expert financial management services around exceptional people providing them the financial security to focus on their passion.


  1. Over 50% of professional athletes have never sought financial advice
  2. More than half of professional athletes are broke 5 years after retirement
  3. Current wealth management is separated into self-interested, non-communicative silos
  4. Many athletes and artists currently accept investment guidance from friends or team members who may be unqualified to offer expert advice
  5. Athletes are often working in multiple tax zones and face unique challenges

The graph below shows a breakdown of how a $5 million NFL salary is spent,  these numbers are estimates, but provide a general guideline.


A specialized, integrated “family office” approach traditionally used by the ultra-wealthy to coordinate structure, income, expenses and taxes through a single entity. This is made possible through WeAreTENZING’s partnership with Medcapital, New Zealand’s largest medical recruitment company handling over 25,000 doctors.