Australia and New Zealand's only full service rugby agency

WeAreTENZING is Australasia’s first and only rugby management company offering global placement, in-house Authorised Financial Advisors, brand alignment, and post-rugby planning. We are the fastest growing rugby agency in the world and we are 100% focused on long-term athlete welfare.


Offices and exclusive partnerships across the world

WeAreTENZING’s network is made up of like minded agencies focused on long-term athlete welfare. They are on the ground, local experts, able to make your opportunity to play rugby overseas that much better


We are passionate about rugby and about making sure that our clients have a clear pathway to a successful rugby career.

Each of our specialist rugby management team members lives and breathes the sport. They have a deep understanding of the region they live and work in, the teams, the opportunities and the challenges.


A carefully designed pathway that takes into account every opportunity rugby can offer

If you’re wanting a career in rugby we’ll help you understand  ALL your options.
  • Contract negotiation
  • PR Sponsorship and brand management
  • Financial planning and coaching
  • Overseas contract opportunities
  • Post career planning


WeAreTENZING has accredited and registered agents that are able to place and manage rugby players in every professional rugby market in the world.



WeAreTENZING New Zealand provides a one-stop solution allowing our clients to discuss contracts, international placement, personal branding, financial management, and sponsorship in a single visit. Our team includes 5 full time sponsorship sales team members and we are proud to be the only agency in New Zealand with in house Authorised Financial Advisors, mortgage experts and accountants.


WeAreTENZING is proud to have an exclusive partnership with Coventry Management.

Coventry Management is a leading rugby agency in Japan. The company represents some of the country’s best players and coaches including Japan captain Michael Leitch. Director of the business Jamie Coventry has 20 years experience in Japan having played, coached and managed teams at both professional and amateur level. Coventry Management provides world-class opportunities to play in Japan`s Top League through their remarkable network and experience.



Founded in 2018 by Willy McQuinn and former All Black great Rico Gear, WeAreTENZING’s Australian office is already looking after some of Australia’s most promising rugby players. With a focus on skills training and mentoring, WeAreTENZING Australia is a perfect launching pad for Australians wanting to forge a path in professional rugby.


WeAreTENZING’s is proud to partner Digidust Sports Italy.
Digigust is led by Marco Matello. With a wealth of experience in the Italian market Marco has been a registered agent since 2003 and has a strong people and family focus.


Led by RPA accredited agent Ben Boyle our team of rugby focused agents are second to none when it comes to identifying your ideal pathway to a career in professional rugby.

Player development

WeAreTENZING identified a lack of communication in New Zealand’s traditional rugby management model. Fewer players per manager mean we are able to communicate with our players and their families more frequently giving them access to feedback and opportunities.

Local negotiation

With a network that reaches every coach and club in New Zealand, we are able to help accelerate your pathway through New Zealand rugby, helping you achieve your New Zealand based playing dreams.

Global placement

With a global network that spans 13 countries and 4 continents, WeAreTENZING’s international placement team in each rugby territory means the best bespoke management with boutique personal agencies that offer customised service for our players as they take the important step of playing overseas.


WeAreTENZING has a team of 6 full-time brand and sponsorship experts able to help our rugby players build their own brand and grow their social media following, partner them with like-minded brands and build out long-term ambassadorial relationships.

We are unique in that we actively engage brand relationships through our contacts at over 40 PR, advertising and media companies, and 70 brands.

Identify our clients long term purpose

We help our rugby players identify their purpose beyond sport. This not only helps build perspective, it helps us connect athletes to brands with a shared belief.

Build your brand, grow your following

In order to help our clients increase their additional income through brand partnerships and endorsements, we help them grow their personal brand and increase their social media following.


WeAreTENZING’s team of in-house authorised financial advisors is the first of its kind in Australia or New Zealand. The team has a detailed understanding in budgeting, wealth management, home ownership, investment and retirement planning and have been trained specifically to help overcome the unique challenges athletes face throughout their career.


Our first steps include access to financial literacy education and basic budgeting. A career in professional sports can be lucrative, but without these cornerstones long-term financial success is impossible to achieve.

Home Ownership

Professional sports delivers fantastic opportunity, none more so than to own your own home. With our in-house Authorised Financial Advisors WeAreTENZING is the only management company in New Zealand capable of researching and advising on your best pathway to financial security and your first home. From saving, to applying for financing, insurance and investment selection, our advisors are capable of helping you get on your way.

Investment and retirement planning

We help our clients plan for life beyond rugby from the day they sign up with us. Our partnership with The Final Whistle provides career planning software for our youngest players which, in tern, helps us plan their pathway with them.

We're looking forward to helping you