WEARETENZING works with families to help world-class athletes identify where they want to play, we then negotiate the best possible contract for you, help you build a strategy around sponsorship, secure your financial future through sound, professional planning.
We are not just agents or managers, we are guides.


Def: holistic
adjective PHILOSOPHY
Characterised by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

A complete management model designed to look after your playing career and brand alignments, as well as your personal and financial wellbeing.

What our clients have said

Complete Management Model

WeAreTENZING MGMT is a full service management group providing services to professional athletes. Our clients are our top priority and we are committed to taking a proactive, holistic and ethical approach to obtain the best results. We are cutting edge when it comes to marketing our clients for overseas contracts and revenue-generating opportunities. Our goal is to provide the highest quality representation and management to athletes who want to maximize their potential on and off the playing field.

Our Services

  • Contract Negotiation
  • PR & Sponsorship
  • Direction to Financial Planning & Coaching
  • Overseas Contract Opportunities
  • Industry Relationships & Liaison
  • Client Welfare
  • Event Management & Networking Services
  • Post Career Planning

Our world-leading focus on athlete welfare

At WeAreTENZING we are 100% focused on athlete welfare. It’s the reason we exist. Every decision we make is seen through the lens of what is best for client’s long-term welfare.


Communication and regular contact is a vital part of the athlete/manager relationship. With Orbit Sports Management, you can count on knowing the status of your career, and not be left speculating or in the dark.

Meet the WeAreTENZING MGMT team


Are you an agent or manager? Are you passionate about athlete / talent welfare? Do you want to help your clients achieve financial success and make a positive difference in the world?


A sense of purpose beyond career is at the heart of athlete and talent welfare. WEARETENZING CONNECT seeks to establish that purpose and build long-lasting relationships around it. 

WEARETENZING CONNECT partners exceptional people with companies and non-profits aimed at significantly impacting social and environmental change.


our client’s authentic belief.


and identify impactful solutions


and build a long term strategy


aligned corporate partnerships




content for stakeholders


engaged communites


lasting change


Today’s consumers can smell bullshit a mile away. They are looking for authentic relationships that make sense. By identifying a cause that our influencers truly believe in, then finding them corporate partners with similar beliefs, we are building their endorsements on rock solid foundations.


Our long-term strategies span well past a typical sports career and aid in transitioning an athlete from their active sports goal-focused life to an even bigger challenge; genuinely affecting meaningful change. Imagine you’ve recently retired from competition… the “what are you doing these days” question is a lot easier to answer when you’re partnered with driven non-profits and corporates effecting real change in the world.


Long after the shine has worn off from your gold medals, long after the crowd has gone quiet, long after the spotlight fades you will ask yourself, “What did I really achieve?” WEARETENZING CONNECT is here to help you meaningfully answer that question.

WEARETENZING WEALTH wraps a suite of fully integrated, personalized, expert financial management services around exceptional people providing them the financial security to focus on their passion.


  1. Over 50% of professional athletes have never sought financial advice

  2. More than half of professional athletes are broke 5 years after retirement

  3. Current wealth management is separated into self-interested, non-communicative silos

  4. Many athletes and artists currently accept investment guidance from friends or team members who may be unqualified to offer expert advice

  5. Talent working in multiple tax zones are faced with unique challenges


A specialized, integrated “family office” approach traditionally used by the ultra-wealthy to coordinate structure, income, expenses and taxes through a single entity. This is made possible through WEARETENZING WEALTH’s partnership with MedRecruit & MedCapital, New Zealand’s largest medical recruitment group handling over 25,000 doctors.