Amber Peebles is one of Australasia’s best TV presenters, radio hosts, MC’s and influencers. Her love of fashion has seen Amber develop one of New Zealand’s most focused social media fashion followings, often driving real conversion through partnerships.

Amber’s ability to front every aspect of a client’s campaign from presenting, public appearances, hosting, voiceovers, social media, and pictorials combined with her relatable personality make her a perfect brand ambassador.

Over the course of a year, Amber and Clicquot produced 38 pieces of unique content. While being at the forefront of key events such as ‘Clicquot in the Snow’ and the ‘Veuve Clicquot Polo,’ Amber brought flare and personality that created memorable experiences for Clicquot audiences.


Amber produced 38 unique pieces of content, Including 14 days worth of stories and filmed & edited videos. She also used her personal blog as a visual diary of her Clicquot experience.

Total Impressions: 604,222
Total Reach: 331,829
Story and video views: 108,529
Unique pieces of content


“Amber works hard each month to produce unique content, including Clicquot into her life. The result is quite simply one of the best returns for a brand we’ve seen in 2018


Amber and the team at WeAreTENZING created 38 unique pieces of content including Instagram posts and stories, facebook videos and blogs.