Jordan Watson is a self-taught dad who over the past 3 years has helped bring much-needed laughter to millions of parents around the world. As How to Dad he is an award-winning content creator whose relatable videos entertain and educate, while helping brands and organisations reach parents and non-parents alike. How To Dad is available for brand partnerships, ambassadorial roles, one-off content partnerships, speaking and appearances.

In March 2019 How to Dad teamed up with the AA and Vodafone to produce a video for social and digital called “How to Text and Drive”.

Campaign Objectives

  • Reach the over half of New Zealanders who are still driving distracted
  • Illustrate how easy it is to simply use the “do not disturb while driving” button on their phone


The campaigns aim of reaching as many Kiwis as possible, meant that a the key focus for the campaign was reach and video views. The video was created to be shareable and achieved that with over 3,600 shares and almost 20,000 reactions, comments and shares.

Total Reach: 1,065,309
Views: 459,299
Engagement: 30,127
Engagement Rate