Our Content Creators

We specialise in representing creators with a purpose. People who not only have a platform but who are actively using it to promote social and environmental change for the better. We simply connect them to brands with shared values looking to create purposeful content. 

We make influencer marketing Easy, trusted and effective


Save time by using one stop for identifying and vetting diverse talent, having a single contact, one contract, one briefing format, a single campaign management and approval process, all presented in a single report on completion.


We have a proven track record of working with New Zealand’s biggest brands and PR agencies.

Access to over 300 of New Zealand’s best content creators from our exclusive network and trusted partners.


Drive measurable business results. 

Use trusted creators with real audiences to tell your stories.

Access to broad industry benchmarks to help define success.

The world’s first purpose focused content creator management.

What is

The people we manage are content creators more so than influencers. They have organically grown a loyal following on social platforms in specific audience segments – some are parents, others are athletes, some belong to communities that are passionate about social or environmental change.

Find out more about why influencer marketing is digital’s fastest growing segment.

Influencer PR Agency Auckland

Why it Works.

Parasocial relationships:

“A parasocial relationship (PSR) is a one-sided relationship that media users form as a result of exposure to media personas. Media personas have a significant amount of influence over media users, positive or negative, informing the way that they perceive certain topics or even their purchasing habits.”

Dr Sommer Kapitan – Behavioural Scientist and Senior Marketing Lecturer at AUT

How it works.


A quick chat

We’ll want to get an understanding of your ideal outcome, the type of content you want made, where it could be used (beyond our creators channels) who your target market is etc



We suggest a creator or creators that fit your budget and target objectives, and together we narrow it down to a perfect fit


The Brief

We’ll help you create the perfect brief and send it out to our creators. We work with them confirming they understand the brief and gauge interest


Concept and sign off

Our expert content creators will get you an idea of exactly how they can best communicate your brief to their audience. When it’s just right, you sign it off


Posting and managment

Our creators share the content with their audience and together we can also amplify it into specific target markets using boosting or dark posting



WeAreTENZING leads the industry in insights and reporting. Our team will zero in on areas that were successful and areas we can improve on next time. Data is king! 

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