At WeAreTENZING we work with purposeful content creators who use their platforms to advance social and environmental causes close to them. Far from influencers our clients are skilled content creators capable of bringing your campaign to life and share it with an audience that trusts them.



How to Dad

3.2M Total Following

Jordan Watson is a self-taught dad who over the past 3 years has helped bring much-needed laughter to millions of parents around the world. As How


Jazz Thornton

985k Total Following

Jazz Thornton is mental health activist, award winning director and author. Having gone through childhood trauma and mental illness in her teens, Jazz


Jess Quinn

202k Total Following

"Jess Quinn lost her right leg to cancer when she was 9 years old but refuses to let it hold her back. Instead, she uses her own experiences as motiv


Ruby Tui

37k Total Following


Kimberley Crossman

171.3k Total Following

"Kimberley Crossman is a world class actor, author, presenter, interviewer, and storyteller. This ball of energy has a huge heart and wants to make a


David Jones

622.1k Total Following

"Renowned for capturing his travels around the world and creating unique DIY videos in New Zealand, David has let his creativity shine through his vid


Vanya Insull

210k Total Following

Vanya is a passionate content creator who is all about making everyday delicious meals. Vanya loves showing people how simple and easy creating delici


Rebekah Randell

54.4k Total Following

"Rebekah Randell is an enthusiast for life, fitness, health, and creativity. A talented actor, Rebekah had New Zealand audiences fall in love with he


Israel Dagg

428k Total Following

On the field Izzy has had a stellar career which all began with his rapid rise to fame, making his professional debut while still at school. What


Nehe Milner - Skudder

169k Total Following

Nehe Milner Skudder is more than just a rugby player, he is a husband, fur baby father, and passionate advocate for maori culture. Nehe is looking to


Brad Smeele

49k Total Following

Professional wakeboarder Brad Smeele dedicated more than half of his life to perfecting his craft, and as a result, he quickly became known as an inno


Amber Peebles

43k Total Following

Amber Peebles is one of Australasia’s best TV presenters, radio hosts, MC’s and influencers. Her love of fashion has seen Amber develop one of


Maria Foy

552k Total Following

Maria, otherwise known as Happy Mum Happy Child, is a full-time Auckland mum of two kids who blogs to keep herself, and fellow kiwi mums sane. Her blo


Lou Tyson

20k Total Following

Born in New Zealand and based in Whanganui, Lou is a lady of many talents. She graduated in 2015 with a Business Degree in Accounting and HR and is cu


Dani Fennessy

7.7k Total Following

"After attending NZ Radio School Dani worked incredibly hard to land her dream gig as host on the popular Mai Home Run show, where she spent the follo


Daisy Dagg

49.7k Total Following

Daisy Dagg is a trusted and powerful content creator reaching over 20,000 New Zealanders every single day. She is a talented writer, cook and is busy


Danni Duncan

14k Total Following

Danni is a conscious fashion and beauty advocate. With a love for pastel colours, vintage and ethical finds she is on a mission to fight fast fashion.


Adam Thomson

58k Total Following

Adam is among only a handful of people to have won World Cup titles at every level – Under 19, Under 21, All Blacks 2011 and World Sevens Series.


Junior Fa

78.2k Total Following

Boxer, father, husband, musician, and passionate foodie, there is definitely more than meets the eye when it comes to Junior. Junior is committed to


Anna Willcox

18k Total Following

Olympic freestyle skier, TV sports presenter for The Crowd Goes Wild, and 2019 Dancing with the Stars contestant, Anna is a woman of many talents!


Huriana Manuel

41.9k Total Following

Huriana has been influential for women's rugby both on and off the field. On the field, Huriana has nearly achieved everything possible in women's rug


Rob Williams

64k Total Following


Dane McGregor

22k Total Following

A love for food, curiosity and a willingness to experiment were the starting ingredients to Dane McGregor’s passion project. As a content creator fo


Lana Van Hout

110k Total Following

You could say, running is just running, but to Lana it’s so much more than that, it’s a level of wellbeing and a life well lived, it’s goals and


Cam Graves

15k Total Following

Cam Graves is a professional track and field athlete. With several national titles across middle distance and cross country disciplines, Cam has his s


Stacey Banfield

37k Total Following

Leaving school at 16 to pursue her dream of becoming a professional makeup artist was just the beginning of Stacey’s journey to success. Now a bu


Sara Kidd

27k Total Following

Sara Kidd is rocking the vegan baking scene with her retro flare and eye-popping baking creations and recipes. She is a Food Writer for the world’s


Jordi Webber

115.6k Total Following

Musician, actor and motivational speaker, Jordi Webber is one of New Zealand's brightest upcoming stars on our screens and on the radio. Jordi shot t


Donielle Brooke

5k Total Following

Donielle Brooke, founder of Designer Wardrobe at 25 was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Instead of letting it stop her she was determined not only to f


Jess Tyson

18k Total Following

Whanganui-born Jess Tyson became a household name after winning Miss World New Zealand in 2018 after representing Aotearoa at multiple international b


Caitlin Taylor

26k Total Following

Caitlin Taylor, has over 15 years of expertise in the fashion industry on both sides of the Tasman, and is more widely known as the face behind the ev


Ben Mikha

105k Total Following

Ben is a keen traveller who has a love for adventure and nature. He shares his stories through photography and videography which has been well receive


Charmaine Smith

12.5k Total Following

Charmaine is a World Cup winning Black Fern known for her athletic abilities and dominance at lineout time. Off the field Charmaine is a mum to tw


Jono Lester

38.5k Total Following

Jono Lester is a Kiwi driving machine with motorsport in his blood - a third generation professional driver from a family with over 50 years in the sp


Kayla Imrie

17.3k Total Following

Kayla Imrie represented New Zealand at the 2016 Summer Olympics, in the Women's K4 500m event and has since won multiple Gold, Silver and Bronze medal


Lisa Tamati

32.9k Total Following

Lisa is perhaps best known for being the first Kiwi woman to finish the infamous Badwater Ultramarathon through the hottest desert on earth, running 2


Daneger & Stacey

186.6k Total Following

Full time content creators and digital nomads Dane and Stacey are passionate travelers and are known for their engaging and high quality travel conten


Bel Crawford

14.8k Total Following

"With over 10 years experience in radio, Bel Crawford is no stranger to telling a good yarn. So maybe it was always to be with the self-proclaimed con


Studio Bon

12.9k Total Following

Bonnie is a Wellington based illustrator & designer who loves sharing her creative process and inspirations. Her art encompasses bold shapes and colou


Jessie Gurunathan

24.3k Total Following

"Jessie’s experience as a presenter, producer, journalist, actress and now a business owner makes her a valuable asset for any campaign. She is raw


The Hori

15k Total Following

Husband, father, artist, and a passionate advocate for making maori culture mainstream, The Hori is unapologetic and hugely talented.


Larissa Carlson

45.3k Total Following

"Larissa loves to open up about motherhood, lifestyle, travel, beauty, and fashion. Her work in fashion styling and makeup artistry prompted the in


Sabby Jey

61.9k Total Following

"Sabby is a New Zealand-born, Sri Lankan Tamil Actress, Model, and Social media professional. Sabby is a content creator and social media personality


Mackenzie Jeffries

11.5k Total Following

"Specialising in the 400m hurdles, Kenzie is one of New Zealand’s most treasured track and field athletes. Competing at the Junior Commonwealth Game


Amy Fraser

15.1k Total Following

Amy, is a community builder and connecter, storyteller, writer, and woman at the helm of OKREAL – a platform that supports women in building an inde


Gemma Douglas

148k Total Following

Gemma created The Motherhood Project in June 2018 after her third child was born. Originally it was a way of bringing all the mothers in her life toge


Molly Meech

1.4k Total Following

Molly Meech is a World Champion and Olympic Silver medalist in sailing Due to spending so much time on the water Molly is passionate about water qual


Jane Watson

17.2k Total Following

"Cantabrian born and raised Jane Watson is a Silver Ferns in-circle defence star. Playing in the 2019 Netball World Cup team, Jane is not only a netba


Stacy Heyman

45k Total Following

"After showcasing her talent in the Block 2019, Stacy now shares her passion for all things interior styling, design, and DIY through her Blog. Fashio


Christy Prior

94k Total Following

"Since taking up her snowboarding in her late teens, Slopestyle and Big Air specialist Christy Prior has charged her way to the top. She is a 2014 Oly


Raniera Rewiri

82.5k Total Following

"Raniera is a young vegan with a deep-set passion for our youth, life, culture, growth. He is the creator of Te Ara Hou- The opening and a guide of Te


Tash Meys

71.9k Total Following

"Tash grew up (and currently lives) in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. She started her Instagram @tastefullytash 3 years ago at uni as an asset to her


Ella Williams

152.5k Total Following

"Aged eight, Ella Williams wrote on a surf poster that she wanted to be the World Champion and put it up on the wall beside her bed. Every day she wok


Stephen McDowell

94.5k Total Following

"As a boy from Invercargill with a sports degree, and personal training certification, Stephen packed his bag and started a four-year journey around t


Claire Robbie

10.9k Total Following

"Claire loves writing, telling a story and the fast-paced world of news media, her alter ego though, has evolved over the past decade; as a yoga and m


Olivia Galletly

17.5k Total Following

"Olivia loves to create drool-worthy recipes for the everyday cook and most of her recipes are adaptations of old classics she's loved and experimente


Paige Hareb

162k Total Following

"Paige is a pro surfer, and the first ever NZ female to qualify for the ASP Women's World Tour. Currently 26 years young, Paige is on a mission to re-


Suzanne Paul

8k Total Following

Kiwi icon, Suzanne Paul became famous for her Natural Glow product and role as an infomercial hostess and television presenter. Since then, she has ta


Stephanie Lai

18.1K Total Following

Stephanie Lai is a passionate beauty and fashion focussed content creator. A law graduate with modelling, acting and marketing experience, Stephanie


Kirstie Stanway

8.1K Total Following

Kirstie Stanway is a world-class broadcaster, you would have seen her on TV on the sideline of All Blacks matches, heard her on radio or she may have


Kurtis Imrie

2.8K Total Following